Feb 27, 2008 How to mount and unmount a drive in linux

The mounting point path must already be created with proper permissions. So a more likely flow of commands would be

Feb 27, 2008 How to setup a drive in linux with friendly permissions

As with most aspects of linux, simply adding an extra drive can become a chore and headache for those with no previous experience. Here is a simple way to setup a hard drive so that it will automatically mount on boot with friendly permissions so all users can read/write. If you need added security on a computer that others use, then you'll need to do some more searching on setting up permissions, but a shared drive will be suffice for most desktop linux users who are new to this.

Feb 27, 2008 Disable load URL from clipboard with middle click in firefox

Firefox has a really annoying "feature" where if you middle click in the browser, it will attempt to load whatever is in your clipboard as a URL - most of the time throwing an error saying "not a valid URL" when you dont have the intention of actually loading a url when middle clicking. Fortunately, this is very easy to disable even though its not an option from within the preferences panel.

Feb 27, 2008 VMware 64 Bit Error: Failed to connect to peer process

The 64 bit version of VMware depends on code that is only found in the 32 bit counterparts of its dependency packages. To fix this error, you simply need to install a 32 bit library on top of the 64 bit version you should already have installed.

Feb 24, 2008 Why you should not use a reserve on your ebay auction

Why you should not use a reserve on your ebay auction eBay, along with many other auction services, have a so-called-feature that allows you to place a reserve on your auction, for a nominal fee, of course. If you don't know what an auction reserve is, it allows you to list an auction starting at a low price and basically if the auction does not get bid to at a certain set price, then the whole thing is void and nobody wins, wasting everybody's time involved. I absolutely despise this concept.

Feb 22, 2008 How to create Ctrl+Key shortcuts in Javascript

Everybody loves shortcuts, so why should you deny your users of this guilty pleasure when it comes to your javascript-driven web application? Giving your users the ability to execute commands with simple shortcuts can make all the difference in the usability of your application.

Feb 19, 2008 How to check the version of a Linux OS

uname -a is a linux command that will output useful information about your linux distribution, kernel version, cpu information and more.

Feb 11, 2008 How to properly write XHTML

It seems nowadays that everybody knows HTML/XHTML, or at the very least, they think they do. Despite the language's rather rudimentary tag set and easy context, people still do not use it correctly. In fact, its simplicity is taken for such granted, that even highly respected websites like google.com and yahoo.com fail the W3C validation tests. Here I will cover some of the most abused and least addressed issues people fail to pay attention to when writing XHTML so that it may help you code better.