Feb 05, 2008 Python cheat sheets

Python cheat sheets Here is a surprisingly small list of Python cheat sheets. I was expecting to find more but this is it. Do you know of some more? Please let me know!

Feb 05, 2008 Regular Expressions cheat sheets

Regular Expressions cheat sheets No matter what languages you program in, chances are you have uses for regular expressions. Even though they comprise of only simple operators and switches, it can can be very tough to memorize how to properly harness the power of regular expressions. This is where these cheat sheets come in handy!

Feb 03, 2008 Temporary failure in name resolution in PHP script

This error popped on one of my clients website and it got me stumped. Through SSH, the DNS seemed to work fine. I could run host domain.com, curl, wget, etc - but when php would try to load the url, it failed with the above error. I tried setting different DNS resolver servers, restarted services, and checked for config errors but could not find the source of this problem. So I then turned to google.

Feb 03, 2008 Youtube/Adsense player breaking W3C validation

I work hard to make my code W3C valid and cross-browser/cross-platform compliant. With the big push for sites to follow standards, I decided a while back to strip away my old poor coding habits and take the extra steps to make it perfect. In fact I kind of get a rush when I run a W3C validator on a newly coded layout to see no errors.