Innovative smart battery charger solutions to make their way

  • 08 Nov 2021 04:25
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Innovative smart battery charger solutions to make their way

Sustainability is at the focal point of innovations as governments, tech companies, and institutes move toward building a better future. Smart battery charger plays a vital role in reducing usage of electricity and offers optimum power for utilization. Industry players have launched new products to save costs and energy. Moreover, trials have been conducted to gain insights on utilizing and distributing electricity optimally. From household to automotive, application of smart battery charger has been increasing with advancements in technology. According to the report published, the global smart battery charger market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years with development of new technologies. Following are some of the activities taking place in the industry.

Industry players have been offering innovative solutions that enable devices to be installed, removed, and recharged easily. Hunter Douglas, one of the leading manufacturers of the custom window treatments, launched the Rechargeable Battery Wand for its automated shades. This product is designed to offer long-lasting and convenient power to automated shading products of the company. It is slim and easy to remove, replace, and recharge. Automated shades can be used for smart home control.

This wand is installed with these shades to reduce waste, utilize resources related to manufacturing disposable batteries optimally, and save money in the long run. As per the shade usage, the battery charge is estimated to last up to a year. If it drains, homeowners will get notification through an app or email. It can be charged when it is mounted on shades with the help of single charger. Moreover, it has a Dual Charging Station in which a fully charged Battery Wand can be kept in case need for continuous shade operation. The battery has a wide range of operating temperatures to ensure safety. This solution has been developed with a focus on sustainability and will save costs and energy.

Taking electricity generation and consumption into consideration, it is important to build smart solutions that can consume less electricity for charging electric vehicles. To test the effectiveness of solutions, market players have been conducting projects such as Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid (V2G). The distribution network operator Western Power Distribution (WPD) collaborated with CrowdCharge to recruit 100 Nissan EV owners to take part in V2G smart charging technology trial. These owners are from areas including the Midlands, South Wales, and South West England. With a significant growth of number of EVs, there will be a huge electricity demand for charging in the next few years.

Under this project trial, there is a free installation of V2G smart chargers costing £5,500 in Nissan EVs. In addition, CrowdCharge recruited 100 people to assist Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and others in understanding the working of V2G chargers with electricity networks. Five different energy suppliers have been used in the trial. Each group is supposed to utilize charger groups for testing different energy services that utilize demand management platform from CrowdCharge for optimized charging. The results would help in designing a system that offers optimized charging session and reduce electricity consumption.


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