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Jun 07, 2009 PHP5 GD Error: cannot open shared object file

Do you have GD and the PHP GD extension installed and yet it's not getting loaded into your PHP? If you getting the following error logged to your php error log, then the source of the problem is simple.

Aug 25, 2008 Solution for when buttons randomly stop working in linux

If some of your keys intermittently stop working, you can resolve the issue much easier than rebooting. This problem seems to be a common ailment in linux environments using VMware. I'm not sure exactly for what reason it happens, but there is a simple command you can run that will fix it.

Apr 10, 2008 Linux: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module

After upgrading to the 64 bit version of Mandriva Linux, my ATI video card ran even worse than before. This was the last straw and so I finally came into possession of a new Nvidia based video card. While slapping it in my computer, In the back of my mind i had a pretty good feeling that it wasn't going to be as smooth as one would hope. I was right.

Mar 07, 2008 Real world examples for finding files in Linux & Unix

Here is a nice list of real world usage examples for finding and manipulating files in linux and unix. They are broke up into multiple sections to allow for easier horizontal scrolling where needed.

Mar 07, 2008 SKwizard - Linux M4A Converter and file rename tool

SKwizard - Linux M4A Converter and file rename tool As they say, you want something done right, you got to do it yourself! After my failed attempts to find a working tool to take care of 2 simple tasks on a large scale, I decided to write my own little program. Enter, SKwizard!

Mar 06, 2008 Optimize and repair all mysql databases at once

There is a really handy MySql utility called mysqlcheck that allows you to do a number of actions to all databases on your mysql server at once. I am writing this specifically for Linux, but I'm sure windows and Unix versions are very similar if not exactly the same. Run this command as root (super user)

Feb 28, 2008 Linux: How to clear the cache from memory

Linux has a supposedly good memory management feature that will use up any "extra" RAM you have to cache stuff. This section of the memory being used is SUPPOSED to be freely available to be taken over by any other process that actually needs it, but unfortunately my Linux (three distros now, Mandriva 32 bit, and Mandriva 64 bit, and Opensuse 11 64 bit) thinks that cache memory is too important to move over for anything else that actually needs it.

Feb 27, 2008 How to mount and unmount a drive in linux

The mounting point path must already be created with proper permissions. So a more likely flow of commands would be

Feb 27, 2008 How to setup a drive in linux with friendly permissions

As with most aspects of linux, simply adding an extra drive can become a chore and headache for those with no previous experience. Here is a simple way to setup a hard drive so that it will automatically mount on boot with friendly permissions so all users can read/write. If you need added security on a computer that others use, then you'll need to do some more searching on setting up permissions, but a shared drive will be suffice for most desktop linux users who are new to this.

Feb 27, 2008 VMware 64 Bit Error: Failed to connect to peer process

The 64 bit version of VMware depends on code that is only found in the 32 bit counterparts of its dependency packages. To fix this error, you simply need to install a 32 bit library on top of the 64 bit version you should already have installed.