Science vs Religion

Posted On Sep 12, 2009 at 4:57 pm

Science frees the mind of man and flies him to the moon. Religion blinds man into obedience and flies him into buildings.

Science vs Religion

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Mikey Feb 10, 2010

Interesting point if flawed IMHO. That is like saying a motor bike or a gun has killed someone. Was it not the person riding the motor bike or aiming and shooting the gun that killed rather than the invention of science?
Were your point correct any object ever fashioned by man and used to kill would be a kill for science. However as a person committed the actual act of killing my personal argument would be that science alone has killed no-one and in fact it has always been people who killed. That leads us to the conclusion that the only people who kill have motive. The most common motives throughout history are patriotism and religion. There is a good reason why governments around the world seek to demonize and dehumanize the enemy before and during a war. It allows people to kill without feeling bad and that they are answering some perverse call to defend their country from evil. Leaders throughout the world have used religion and patriotism to motivate people to kill and used science to provide the tools.

I suspect your next argument will be that if I can argue that science alone has killed no-one then neither has religion. I would be tempted to argue that religion is a state of mind and passion able to be abused to turn people into murderers whereas scientists almost to man do their best to avoid killing this cannot be said of religious people.

If religion believed what it preached, namely compassion in almost all cases, then there would never be a need to kill in the name of religion. But it happens all the time all the same. The evidence for that is plentiful and freely available (Crusades being the first to spring to mind, where christians and muslims massacred each other for a couple of hundred years). Can you quote me good evidence against science on similar grounds?

The two biggest issues that I personally have with religion are these: --
1) Religion deliberately and systematically targets children and other vulnerable factions of society promising saftey and threatening eternal damnation if refused.
2) All religions have their more extremist factions and these can easily be whipped into a frenzied fervor to do the crazy bidding of some crazy leader. This is because religion requires faith rather than a questioning mindset.

Given that "God" killed about 2.2 million people in the bible and "Satan" killed but 10 (If I recall) which of the two would you call more evil if we changed the names to John and Richard respectively? How take away the threat of hell and the promise of heaven and would you really worship John? Would you ask John for salvation and promise him your soul and beg his help in prayer? I think not... Then why do so for "God"?

I think that sums up why I have a serious issue with religion.